If you’re booked in for a newborn session, here is a little information about what to expect when you get to the studio!

How long will the session last?

Allow up to 4 hours (for a newborn session) but we should be finished in about 2-3 (you may want to bring a magazine or a good book – it may be your only opportunity for a while).

Is there anything I should do before setting off to the studio?

If your journey is less than half an hour please try and aim to keep baby up and then give a good feed just before leaving home. If you’ll be travelling longer than 30 minutes then try to time it that you feed baby on arrival. I may also include mum and dad’s hands in some of the shots so you may want to check your nails look nice.

What should I dress my baby in?

Most of my images are done with baby naked, but with ‘little private bits’ out of shot. Please avoid dressing baby and instead keep nappy fairly loose and wrap him/her in blankets so we don’t have to disturb them when undressing.




What happens if my baby has a toilet accident?

I guarantee your baby WILL have at least one wee or poo during the session. It’s fine and expected, please don’t be embarrassed. It’s natural and believe me I’m used to it.

I’m breast feeding, do you have somewhere private?

Absolutely, I’ll give you some private time in the studio.

Do you have bottle warmers?

Yes, and we would recommend that you bring more bottles than normally expected, it’s likely baby will feed more during their time at the studio.

Can I bring friends or family to watch?

Our studio is very cozy and too many people are distracting for us and your baby. Therefore we can only accommodate mum and dad. However, if you wish to have siblings in some of the images then please let us know in advance. Creating images takes time and they will get bored so we normally include siblings towards the end of the session (most parents have a friend or grandparents who will babysit and bring proud brother or sister up to the studio near the end).




What if my baby has really dry skin, scratches, or milk spot/baby acne?

No problem, – after the shoot, I’ll spend a little time enhancing your images to perfection. We do suggest using some baby lotion for very dry/flakey skin before setting off for the studio.

When can we see the images?

After the shoot we’ll arrange a viewing appointment (so please bring your diary) and then I will explain what artwork options are available and you’ll also get a product guide to take away with you.

What if my baby won’t settle, or doesn’t like being posed?

I have photographed lots of babies; and will always do what your baby is happy with. Your baby will eventually sleep… if that requires feed breaks, lots of cuddles, rocking, walking, burping then that’s all fine by me, I’ll do whatever it takes (I love that part too!) you can just sit back and relax and enjoy fresh cookies and lots of tea and coffee. I’m a proud mummy too and completely understand any concerns you may have.

And finally

If you have any questions please call me on 01491 200532/07876 135729