Photoshop Editing

One of the most common phrases heard from parents to me is …’could you just photoshop my…..’ (grey hair, arms a bit thinner, boobs a bit higher), and they chuckle away, no doubt secretly hoping that I will turn them from mummy to supermodel in the touch of one button.

Photoshop is a staple for most photographers, and every single image that a customer sees would have been tweaked or edited through it before they are ready to show.

It’s a magic tool, that can take years to master, and can turn a SOOC (straight out of camera) image from good to great! (And also costs a fortune too).

A typical photo session can take anywhere between 3 and 8 hours to edit, depending on the type of shoot it was. Each newborn has any flaky skin and redness removed, and their skin tone soften, and babies can often have milk spots, scratches, jaundice that all need a little bit of helping hand.

Outdoor sessions are slightly different, these will be edited to enhance the colour and depth of the background, whilst making sure my subject stays the focal point of the picture.

Of course, the main aim is to get my image as close to perfect in camera as I can, so I can keep my edits to a minimum.

Take a look below at some of my recent images, from the shot that I took to the finished edited image ready to present.