My post-baby body – 3 years later!

So this is a bit different to my normal posts. But as so many new mums will be embarking on that post-baby body blitz, whether it’s 3 weeks after baby arrives (slightly too soon if you ask me), or 3 years – aka ME, I thought I would share my new aim to get fit!

If you’re anything like me, the fact that my amazing body grew and gave birth to a tiny human, then you forgive yourself daily for that extra few pounds you have gained. However, I have recently retrieved a suitcase from the loft which was full of beautiful pre-Sienna clothes, which I would love to get back into! Plus it would be nice to reduce the little bit of overhang that sits on top of my jeans every day!

So the first thing is diet – and I have to admit, I really struggle with this. I’m a bad sleeper. My nights pre-baby were never 8 hours of blissful dreams, and now Sienna is here, it’s of course even more regularly interrupted. Yes on a good day she’ll sleep 13 hours without a murmur, but more recently as we have potty trained her, she wakes up for a wee, or she has a cold and can’t breathe, or a whole host of other excuses she seems to be coming up with for a 4am cuddle with mummy. Being really honest I don’t mind either, she’s growing up so fast, that a snuggle in the middle of the night is quite a lovely thing to be cherished.

So back on track – lack of sleep and a soon to be 3 year old keeping me busy all day means my energy levels take a dip. So I help this along with endless bags of Cadbury buttons and a glass of pinot at the end of the day. None of which help me get back to the toned figure I used to have.

So taking into consideration that I’m likely to struggle to give up my Dairylea sarnies, and finishing off Sienna’s fish fingers and chips of a night, I have decided to embark on a new exercise regime!

As we have recently got Millie – our lovely, but energetic Beagle, I had all these pre-concieved ideas of long walks which would melt my middle away. 5 months in, and we have a regular dog walker, and my physical activity has not increased enough to make a difference.

So tonight I have embarked on BodyBoss, a workout which you do for 24 mins 3 days a week over 12 weeks, and they promise to tone you and give you a body you are much happier with. Sounds easy, doesn’t it! Whilst hubby was busy doing the bedtime routine, I found a workout playlist on Spotify and got my list of exercises in front of me. A nice easy set up warm up stretches, followed by 7 different HIIT (high-intensity interval training) moves, all done for around a minute or 25/30 reps. You do one set in 7 mins, have a 3-minute break and then do another set, followed by a ten min cool down.

I’d love to say it was easy – but it was hard, leg shaking, do I really need to tone up, I’d rather have a glass of wine hard. BUT….. this time I am determined. And to back-up my dedication to the cause, I am going to share how I get on over the next 12 weeks.

1 hour later, and I’m already feeling the burn, apparently this routine works as its not just about the burn whilst you are working out, but what follows (in my eyes that means I can eat chocolate and the calories won’t count).

Here is the first pic of me tonight – eek. But lets hope I’m sharing something in a few weeks time that allows me to fit in to that suitcase of clothes.

Post baby body - my body week 1

Will I still have my glass of Pinot at night – of course – but tonight I feel I deserve it – even if it takes me slightly longer to get to the fridge.