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Despite the weather being horrific over the past few weeks, I am certain that Spring will finally catch up with us and within a couple of weeks we will start to see the carpets of wonderful Bluebells again! There are so many wonderful spots to pick from for the Bluebells Sessions in Oxfordshire, we are truly spoilt with our counties beauty!
April 15, 2018/by
models required


I'm embarking on a new project and am looking for a selection of girls aged between 15 and 18 to model for me.

If you have a daughter, niece, friend, cousin who loves to have her photo taken, maybe has a quirky style, and likes to play with hair and make-up, then this might be perfect for her.
March 14, 2018/by


Ok so it might be a little bit sexist and I'm all for daddy and me sessions too, but what better way to celebrate Mothers Day, than to have some beautiful pics of you and your precious babies. Whether inside the studio or outside in the snow, join me for a quick 30-minute session with your little ones, whether they are 5 or 15!
March 1, 2018/by


If you have a toddler over the age of 1, the thought of having any sort of photo session with them might be the most horrifying thought ever! The little toads rarely sit still, and getting a smile out of them is going to be impossible, right? No, not if we head outside.
March 1, 2018/by


A couple of nights ago hubby and I went out on a rare date night. Up to London to see a band and have a bite to eat. Nothing out of the ordinary, and a night that gave him a chance remember that I’m not always in trackie bottoms, covered in baby poo, or sticky fingerprints from my toddler, and that I did, in fact, have long hair that occasionally gets let down! Reminiscent of the times 'before baby' (or what we would call pre-S)!
March 1, 2018/by


Its a question I get asked a lot doing what I do! Like a typical mum, I'm super proud of my gorgeous girl so I often chat about her in the studio. And of course the question pops up, are you going to have another baby, or are you done now? And I have two very different answers to the question....
February 19, 2018/by
Busy Brush

We treat Busy Brush customers to a special offer

July 28, 2017/by
post-baby body - workout image

Getting my post-baby body back (3 years later)!

May 28, 2017/by
Concerns, what if my baby doesn't sleep... baby poppy yawning

What if my baby….? Concerns about booking a newborn shoot

May 25, 2017/by

Stunning family photography in the Oxfordshire countryside!

May 12, 2017/by

Photoshop – Editing Before and Afters

April 30, 2017/by
Birth Photography

Birth Photography Oxfordshire – Baby Sebastian

April 25, 2017/by
Bluebell Photography Oxfordshire

Bluebell Photography in Oxfordshire

April 24, 2017/by

Competition Update

Thank you so much to everyone that entered my competition and…
April 18, 2017/by
Sitter Session

Free Canvas With Each Sitter Session

If you missed out the newborn photo shoot stage - then a sitter…
April 16, 2017/by

My Mummy and Me Session!

I can't count the number of people that say to me, gosh you must be…
April 2, 2017/by

When to book your newborn photography session

Without a doubt the question I get asked a lot, is when to…
January 16, 2017/by

Bronni – Maternity Photography Benson

Gorgeous Bronni answered a recent model call out, and came in…
November 7, 2016/by

Amelie – 13 Days Old – Oxfordshire Newborn Photographer

This cutie came in when she was 13 days old to be one of my models…
November 4, 2016/by

Breastfeeding photography session

My first breastfeeding photography session!

With what I do…
October 30, 2016/by

My Thrive Retreat with Leah Remillét

The Thriving Photographer
In my bid to keep improving my business…
August 3, 2016/by
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